5 Ways To Build A YouTube Following

Any successful YouTube artist knows that the key to success comes from dedicated fans. Artists like KassemG and Timothy Delaghetto have built entire careers based primarily on fan feedback. As someone looking to build a popular YouTube channel, a loyal fan base will guarantee that you will have a constant number of views anytime you upload. If you have read our 5 Tips For Beginning YouTube Artists, and are wondering what to do next, here are 5 ways to building a YouTube following.

Always be on the same level as your fans

It does not matter if you are a business or artist on YouTube, connecting with your fans, as a human is key. The voice of the Web is no longer anonymous. The Internet is built on social interactions between people. We connect on Facebook and Twitter to feel more in touch with others, the YouTube community functions in the same way. Show your audience that you are willing to talk to them and show them the personal aspects of your life. YouTube is not for the shy or excessively private.

Encourage audience interaction

YouTube comedian and musician Nice Peter, has built an entire YouTube platform solely on fan submitted mail. By asking your audience for mail and feedback you are showing viewers that you care what they have to say. YouTube celebrities like KassemG answer viewer mail and Twitter submitted questions in their videos, giving fans an opportunity to interact directly with the show. This is the new way of answering fan mail.

Do something different

If you study the biggest names in YouTube they all have invented new ways to provide viewers with original content. The guys at EpicMealTime decided to eat copious amounts of food and pound liquor while FreddieW uploads weekly VFX inspired mayhem.  Artists at the top of their game are always doing something different than the next guy.

Don’t be afraid to look stupid

The guys at EpicMealTime know how ridiculous they look. MysteryGuitarMan has no problem uploading footage of him dancing in front of a green screen like a lunatic. This is because those artists know the importance of being in on the joke. No one wants to support artists that take themselves too seriously. Movies have blooper reels for a reason, everyone can relate to looking foolish at some point in their life.

Work with other YouTube artists

As a new YouTube artist, working with other rising talent will help you create a network of support and exposure. The fans of any other YouTube celebrity will instantly be interested in your work if you are featured in one of their videos. Most top talent on YouTube have all worked with one another and gradually built a support system for each other. Remember that YouTube is not a site for the solitary; YouTube is a unique and self-contained community.

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