7 YouTube Channels to Get Your Video Game Fix

You’ve been playing video games all weekend. The latest “Call of Duty” installment has caused you to miss sleep, proper meals and personal interaction with that annoying human you call “girlfriend.” To those of you who are offended that I didn’t include “boyfriend,” my scenario clearly stated that you were addicted to “Call of Duty,” and not “Babysitting Mama” or “Hello Kitty” for the Wii.

So you’ve been playing video games all weekend and now you’ve finally had to put down the controller in order to go to work or school. What will you do now? Well, you’re certainly not going to perform the duties of your job or listen to your teacher drone on about a subject that doesn’t pertain to how you’re going to level up as an elven ranger plagueshifter on “World of Warcraft.” So don’t worry about studious note taking on your laptop or filling out the Excel worksheet on your office computer; just visit these top YouTube channels devoted to video gaming and you’ll never wake up from your video game dream!


Machinima is YouTube’s second most viewed channel, with over 3 billion video views. Considering the massive number of views it draws from gamers, you would hope that Machinima’s videos were primers on how to not be socially inept, but alas, their channel mostly provides video game trailers, video game news and original series videos.



The YouTube channel of the premiere video gaming website of the same name, IGNentertainment has over 1.5 million video views. This channel is similar to Machinima’s, but minus the original series videos and with more commentary and interview videos with video game VIP’s. To be honest, video game commentary videos should be the last straw – what if YouTube hosted videos of people smoking crack while providing a running commentary on the wonders of the crack high? It’d be hilarious, yes, but it wouldn’t be tolerated, and neither should video game commentary videos.



Like IGN in that it’s the YouTube channel of the other premier video gaming website, except that it has over 207 million views. Why the big disparity in view count? The GameSpot channel has a lot of gameplay videos, which are apparently popular with gamers because actually playing the video games 24/7 wasn’t enough – they also needed to watch videos of other people playing other video games while on their bathroom breaks in between playing video games.



Gamesweasel is Matt Cuttle, a television host and producer from England who semi-regularly posts semi-humorous video reviews of the newest video games. I have to admit that his English-accented review of “Cars 2: The Video Game” is the most eloquent sounding review of “Cars 2: The Video Game” I have ever heard. His channel has nearly 26 million views.



Watch Nathan Barnatt, a Comedy Central veteran, perform as his video game obsessed character, Keith Apicary. Barnatt’s purposefully low-fi YouTube videos feature Keith Apicary in various skits and music videos that are intended to either confuse you or make you laugh. (Nathanjbarnett’s YouTube Channel)



The video game channel of YouTube user Tobuscus, where you can watch videos of Toby providing video game commentary, as well as gameplay videos wherein he dubs in his own silly voices and sound effects. The 257 million views prove that video gamers find his brand of commentary funny.



CaptainSparklez sounds like he should be reviewing books on NPR, but instead he narrates gameplay videos. He’s one of the more popular gameplay video channels on YouTube, with almost 21 million views. He’s the Bob Ross of gameplay videos, so don’t be surprised to find yourself falling asleep while he blows things up first-person shooter style.

I know I missed a lot of prolific and popular video gaming channels. Which ones do you think need mentioning?

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