9 Things Social Media Douchebags Do

Trolls, haters, spammers, Chris Brown, Rihanna. Whatever you want to call them, they give a black eye to new media artists trying to promote their works in a positive, popular way. There are many unwritten rules that govern the social media atmosphere, but the most important one is “don’t be a douchebag.” Here are nine signs you’re a social media douchebag.


1. Going on a rampage throughout the social media universe.

When Chris Brown won a Grammy a few weeks ago, he called out his critics who slammed his win by saying that his win is the “ultimate F**K OFF!


2. Going on a rampage throughout the social media universe…and deleting the evidence.

What’s more douchey than going on a Twitter rampage than going on a Twitter rampage and then pretending like it never happened? Such is the case for Brown, who attempted to delete the bragging, taunting tweets after his Grammy win to his haters. At least he’s trying to clean his image up, albeit one deleted tweet at a time.


3. Making baseless attacks on your own fans—even though your fans may have a point.

Don’t be like Rihanna and bully your fan about her looks AND call your other fans to attack her just because she’s not happy with your collaboration for Chris Brown.


4. Getting called out for making up stuff.

It’s never good to proudly state something that’s perceived as true and then have it called out as BS on social media, especially if you’re an artist like Leona Lewis, who clashed with Avicii on Twitter a few months ago over instrumentals in her song “Collide.” Way to show your talents (or whatever’s left of it) by announcing a fake collaboration!


5. Tweeting about how many followers you have.

How many followers you have: 
How many people actually care:


6. Making terrible offensive jokes.

If you have to use Twitter or Facebook to dish out a joke that many find tasteless and lazy (calling Jason Whitlock) and think you’re funny at the same time, you probably should be paying a professional comedy writer.

7. Every single tweet you make is angry and full of hatred.

Please! We don’t need any more Lord Voldemorts on Twitter! One is too many!


8. Self-promotion on steroids.

You’re not gaining followers if EVERY update or tweet is about yourself or a product you are trying to promote.


9. You claim that you are a “social media expert”.

Social Media is an outlet that is constantly changing. New types of mediums to promote content online is always showing up. Our CEO Benny Luo doubts there’s anyone that has done enough case studies to quantify the formula of social media success.


Do you know any other things that Social Media Douchebags do? Comment below!