Draw Something: Why It’s Blowing Up

I normally don’t get into the latest iPhone games, but thanks to a few of my co-workers, I am one of 25 million people that have wasted their time playing Draw Something. It’s like an interactive version of Pictionary—you know the game where you draw a word and make people guess.

With such exponential popularity, it’s no surprise to me that the makers of this app— OMGPOP—are going the route of Angry Birds and trying to milk money for what it’s worth. Possibly coming soon to a television set near you: Draw Something—The TV Series. To celebrate the possibility of bringing the latest iPhone addiction to the big screen, here are four reasons why this game is blowing up (with pictures!).


It’s Not Your Father’s Game Anymore

You’re not just trying to guess what a dragon looks like or how to draw the word enlightened anymore. In fact, this app is an incubator for pop culture references. When you’re asked to draw terms such as “Tebowing” or “Lin,” you definitely know that the creators of this app are tapping into our generation. Potential new media rockstars, take note; you know you’ve truly made it when Draw Something asks you to draw yourself or your band.

It’s Creative

Despite having to deal with a touchscreen, it is highly possible to make a near-Rembrandt with this app. Since it’s an open-ended game, you can be simple and just write words (please don’t do that) or you can invest in a stylus and take your time to make your word into a wonderfully constructed sketch. Don’t ask me to attempt a masterpiece—I make do with the basic colors that come with the game and my limited drawing skills. I obviously can’t compete with these kick-ass images that I’ve found on the Internet.


You Can’t Stop

Since I downloaded Draw Something last week, I can’t seem to stop keeping up with what my friends are drawing. It has become an obsession of sorts for me not only because I can gauge my friends’ artistic abilities based on a simple drawing, but I’m trying to earn more coins without paying nearly $5 for a new set of colors. With 25 million users and growing, it’s no wonder that Draw Something will be part of the pantheon of other famous time-wasters such as Words With Friends and Angry Birds.


It’s Shareable

When you’ve got a vast variety of artistic capabilities from the basic (me) to the Picassoesque, everyone will start to notice. In fact, if you check the Instagram tag #drawsomething, you’ve got about 67,000+ images related to the game. If you have the knack to impress your opponents with your mad artistic skills, it’s not surprise you’ll want to flaunt it. You can’t do that with Words With Friends–it would be just too bland.

If you’ve got some other good reasons why you can’t stop playing Draw Something, tell us on the comments box, Facebook or Twitter!

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