Fashion Blogs You Should Be Following

Let’s face it, Fashion bloggers have become the new “it girls” of the fashion world. You no longer have to live or visit a fashion mecca like NYC to know what is trendy, fashionable and “in.” Taking tips from regular women who seem to posses an impeccable eye for style has become a completely viable alternative.

These days anyone with the wherewith all to sign up for a blogspot and a trusty boyfriend to snap photos of their outfits on a daily  basis, can join the world of “fashion bloggers.” The question is, which style bloggers get it right? What blogs are worthy of your precious time? After thoroughly surveying the cachet of fashion blogs that are to be found within the blogosphere, I came to the conclusion that,quite frankly, not all fashion bloggers are created equal.

Some fashion blogs stand head and shoulders above the competition and we wanted to give you a few reputable examples of bloggers who do it best…and are worthy of blog-stalking.

Cupcakes and Cashmere
offers a unique blend of snapshots from LA local, Emily Schuman’s impeccable style choices and a variety of culinary how-to’s. The pictures are exquisite, and Schuman’s style is classic, feminine, and accessible enough for the average girl to emulate. She mixes high-end  designer pieces with basics from stores like H&M, Zara, and Gap. Schuman has also has partnered with Juicy Couture, Estee Lauder, and Coach to endorse products and help with designing.


Atlantic-Pacific, is serious girl/blog crush material. I never thought wearing 3 shirts, a coat  and approximately 37 bracelets on one arm, could look so good. Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific works in the fashion industry and has seriously amazing style, which can be gawked at by her followers thanks to her daily enviable outfit posts. She mixes designer pieces with staples from Zara, H&M, and J Crew. There is no doubt about it that Eadie manages to get it right, every single time.


The Chriselle Factor follows LA resident and YouTube fashion sensation Chriselle Lim as she extends her stylish insight to a series of “how to” videos, which range from topics like layering done right to traveling wardrobe necessities. She gives a variety of tips and photo examples to help the every day girl mix up her wardrobe and become inspired through fashion. Although Chriselle wears mostly designer pieces, her style is still accessible to the reader who wants look put together and “in” without coughing up the money  for designer digs.


My style Pill’s Christine Cameron is a personal stylist, who lives in Manhattan and with each new post proves that she knows style. Between posting on her own blog, and her partnership as a brand ambassador for Timex’s Stylewatch blog she gives her readers an eyeful of beautiful outfits that blend vintage, designer, and mainstream brands like Forever 21 and Zara. Her urban sass and expert eye for color combinations, will inspire any girl who loves fashion.


The Style Rookie, started by Chicago resident and style prodigy Tavy Gevinson at age 11, also does it right. In a weird Wednesday Adams meets 1960’s hippie school-girl sort of way, she mixes thrifted/vintage with designer pieces,  that are usually gifted by her designer friends who include the sisters of Rodarte! She has designer friends at age 15–note worthy indeed. She features a lot of her runway and movie clip inspirations, and although a self-proclaimed dork,she does a pretty good job at running her own fully staffed magazine, Rookie A well-developed eye for style and her own online fashion/lifestyle magazine at age 15–We say Gevinson is a must see indeed.

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