How To Keep Your Fans Glued on Social Media

A recent survey indicated that from the social media networks out there, Facebook has the average user hooked for 405 minutes in January while newbie Google+ had a mere 3 minutes per visitor. Although the numbers for Google+ are a disappointment, the fact that Facebook users on average spend nearly 7 hours a month total on the site is an indication of how social media is a part of our lives. For new media artists, getting people hooked on your page is crucial on getting fans, leads and views for your brand. Here are five ways you can keep your fans interested in your social media networks.

Spread The Word

Increasing your likes by asking your fans to help spread the word will bring more people on your page. Why keep your fan numbers static when you can grow? Word of mouth and updates are always good ways to pique interest and add more to the content and conversation of your brand.


Quality Is The Key

Old Spice's facebook asks "thoughtful" questions to engage its users.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Quality content will make your brand shine. Some of the best brands attract more conversations not necessarily because they update constantly, but they provoke their fans into questioning, commenting or liking. Updating constantly may get you page views in the short term, but you won’t have your fans glued to your page until you give them a good reason to check it out.


Give Incentives

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Starting a contest to give away something in exchange for more likes or getting a question correct will not only bring traffic to your page but also keep them coming for more. *contest photo*


Initiate and Respond to the Conversation

YouTube musician, Clara C, responses to her fans questions regarding her tour giveaway.

One of the best ways to keep your fans glued to your page on Facebook or Twitter is to ask questions or talk about current events. Polls, question of the day or just talking about a topic that’s current and relevant to your brand keep your fans excited about your brand and may encourage suggestions that could possibly be helpful in your quest to new media success. Just as important, responding to your fans comments will ensure that they are appreciated and that you’re listening to them. *Facebook wall conversation photo*


Imagery Works

Behind the scenes images from Wong Fu Production music video of David Choi's "By My Side."

Everyone loves photos! OK, maybe not everyone, but if you’re a new media artist (especially in the creative/entertainment fields), uploading galleries of photos will entice your readers and fans to stay longer on your social media networks. Some good ideas for galleries on your Facebook or blog include a behind-the-scenes shoot or a preview of an upcoming project.

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