What YouTube’s Top 10 Are Made Of [INFOGRAPHIC]


We have made a follow-up to this post: YouTube Has the Power

YouTube reached record breaking numbers in 2011 with an average of 490 million people visiting the site each month. Since YouTube launched in 2005 it has become a cultural phenomena. What started as a place for home made videos and cats playing the piano has become a global marketplace for advertisers and artists.

The past few years have seen the rise of the the most unexpected of celebrities; the YouTube star. You won’t find kids with webcams here anymore. Instead you will find celebrities like  Ray William Johnson who are estimated at making a seven figure salary.

Ever wonder where the top ten YouTube stars stack up against each other? Check out the infographic below to see what the kings and queens of YouTube are made of.

*Information was obtained from VidStatsX on February 13, 2012. For updated information, please visit VidStatsX
*Averages for video uploads a month EXCLUDES Machinima and College Humor due to extremely high content upload statistics

Source(s): Mashable, VidStatsX

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