Is Instagram A Place For Artists?

With the recent news of Instagram and Hipstamatic teaming up, the photo sharing app looks like it will be increasing it’s already insane popularity. In addition, with Instagram add-ons like 100 Cameras in 1 and services like Prinstagram, turning your 8-megapixel photos into art is easier than ever. But Just as registering for a Tumblr and blogging about the election has spawned thousands of self appointed journalists; Instagram has turned anyone with an iPhone into an amateur photographer.

The question of what defines art and photography is a much larger topic that warrants more than a weekend blog post. However, the widespread use of Instagram brings up the question of whether or not the app is a legitimate place for artist to share their work or is it just another social networking site.

Why Instagram Is a Venue for Artists

The majority of artists promoting their work currently, are either hosting their portfolios with Tumblr or WordPress powered blogs. For artists selling their work from their site, directing buyers or potential employers to a blog is common practice. However this was not always the case, the blog has just recently become an acceptable place to display your professional work. Even though Instagram does not support direct linking or a detailed homepage, with the apps increasing popularity it is only a matter of time before it does. Instagram acts just as any other blog would; it collects your work, displays your work and allows for communal interaction. The only difference between that and a blog is the mobile elements of Instagram. Any new technology takes time to become accepted by the professional world. Instagram, once accepted could easily become the new outlet for professional artists.

Why Instagram is Just a Social Networking Site

The bottom line is that Instagram does not support full quality photographs. Even though you can now edit and add multiple filters, an 8-megapixel camera cannot compete with modern digital cameras. Any professional photographer will tell you that quality photography takes more than subject matter; it takes lighting, depth, movement, motion and perspective. These are just a few examples of things that you can rarely find in iPhone photography. Instagram is purely just a way to share events in your life visually, not a way to promote or display professional grade work.

As of last week Instagram had 27 million users and is trending to reach thousands more by the end of the month. The photo-sharing site is showing no signs of slowing down and will only continue to be used by mobile users globally.

Is Instagram on it’s way to becoming a place for professionals to share their work? Or is it simply a mobile social networking app? Let us know what you think below.

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