Prometheus Online Marketing Campaign Analysis

Ballroom three of the Anaheim Convention Center is filled with silence. Hundreds of fans and journalists have packed into the ballroom, yet the only distinct sound is the clicking of keyboard keys. As the lights dim, three massive projection screens bathe the room in light and fill every corner of the room with the sound of rushing water. The crowd at WonderCon collectively exhales as-for the first time, the extended trailer of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, flickers onto the displays. What happened next is, what I would like to call, ‘too awesome to put into words.’ When the trailer finally screeches to a halt amidst scenes of exploding space ships and fleeting terrors, the room erupts. This trailer has been a long time coming, partially due to the viral social media campaign behind the film.

Twitter search of #Prometheus yields thousands of results recorded from when the viral campaign began to this very moment. 20th Century Fox and director Ridley Scott created something more than a talked about film, they have created a global event. There has always been buzz around movies with incredible actors and production staff. Though, with social media, films like Prometheus reach levels of exposure that register as viral.

The team behind the social media campaign first began with the most basic of new media strategies, releasing behind the scenes photos. Just as the public began to become aware of this film, photos of enormous production pieces were leaked to major media outlets. Through social media, with the aid of these photos, speculation about the Sci-Fi film blazed across the Internet.

At the premier of the extended trailer, fans were handed business cards for the fictional Weyland Corporation. Printed on the cards, was a web address for The official Weyland Corp site offers a detailed look into the corporation that will play a large role in the upcoming film. The site -which is created as if it was from the year 2073, already has 135,000 likes on Facebook and 1,600 +1’s on Google+.

The biggest social media push for the film came with the release of the extended trailer at WonderCon. As the trailer concluded, underneath the credits, text reading was displayed. The site reveals a password protected home screen that has been the subject of intense debate over at the films official Facebook page.

Not to miss the opportunity to further add fuel to the social media fire, the Facebook page has been posting statuses encouraging people to crack the code for Project Prometheus. Reading through the comments shows people attempting to deploy Morse code and mapping the coordinates of stars to break the cipher. So far the Facebook fan page has 135,000 likes, with one post that gained 208 comments and 164 likes in 4 hours.

Any business or individual looking to use social media to generate discussion and exposure, take a note from the marketing team for this film.  First and foremost, the flood of content that came out with this movie was constant. Additionally, creating content that forced fans to interact, automatically generated discussion on a wide spectrum of media platforms. This is a campaign that has generated thousands of likes, tweets and +1’s over the span of a few months. With two viral videos, multiple interactive websites and a fan driven social media presence, Prometheus has one of the most influential social media film campaigns to date.

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