Proper Facebook Invite Etiquette

Once in a while, yours truly gets an invite on Facebook for an event or party. It feels good knowing that someone or something has cared to invite me but with my busy schedule, I can only go to so many of them. However, it’s become clear that a few bad apples use the invite function on Facebook to post inane stuff, which I’ll go into later. What some people or groups don’t understand is there’s an unwritten code of inviting people to events on Facebook and here are the ground rules:


It’s In The Details

When you’re sending an invite, be as detailed as possible to your friends given the fact that many of them are overwhelmed with invites from their friends as well. Although the new media era has made communication with each other brief, by writing very descriptive information about your event (what’s it all about, address, contact information, etc.), you stand to have the people you want willing to respond to you RSVP.



Event Invites Are For Events

I can’t tell you the many times I’ve received Facebook invites which turn out to be someone asking for numbers because she either lost her phone or upgraded to the iPhone. My word of advice to you: Either put it in a mass message or on your wall. Event invites are for, well, event invites. That also goes for that group that uses the invite function to send out their weekly newsletter. Send me the link please.



Update ASAP of Any Changes

Wondering why only seven people actually showed up and you’ve got a ton of missed calls on your phone? Perhaps it’s the fact you didn’t tell all your invitees that you’re holding the party at your friend’s house instead of your house. Always keep your friends updated of anything that changes on Facebook since you don’t have the time to mass text everyone. Simple as that.


Follow Up With Your Friends

Not enough people responding to your RSVP? Many of us are swamped with invites that we don’t have all the time in the world to act on them. Don’t leave your Facebook invite at just sending it out to your friends; act on making sure many of them come to your event. Whether it’s sending a mass email to your friends or posting the event every day until the event, it will ensure that your friends will less likely forget your invite amongst the dozens.


Have An Awesome Image

That image of a calendar on your invite doesn’t say a lot about your event. Make sure you get more people to RSVP by posting an image that best reflects the event you’re hosting. Whether it’s just a photo of people partying or an all-out intricately designed poster specifically made for the event, you need something that strikes the eye and catches the interest of your friends.

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