Streamin’ Garage Launches “Stupid For Game of Thrones”

In 2010, Mike Rotman started Streamin’ Garage in order to bring live streaming television to audiences globally. As one of the pioneers of live streaming video on the Internet, Rotman hoped to provide an outlet for creative media outside of traditional boundaries. “We started Streamin’ Garage to do our own creative essentially, to have our own little playground of a creative and did it as live shows,” said Rotman.

Armed with HD cameras and a veteran knowledge of television, Rotman set out creating his D.I.Y television network, “Once we built the infrastructure, literally in my garage, with a whole set design and a NewTek TriCaster,” says Rotman, “we decided that we were having a great time doing Stupid for Movies so lets do another show and we talked with Curt Smith from Tears for Fears about doing another show called Stripped Down Live which became a music show we did as well, and that’s sort of how it began to sort of evolve into a network.“

With a variety of pop culture-inspired live shows, Streamin’ Garage is now available to be seen from their YouTube channel, at their website and on live streaming host channels like Roku. As an innovator of new media technologies, Rotman and Streamin’ Garage look to social media for the ability to connect with audiences and spread the word about the network, “You start with Facebook pages and you hope that your friends share the videos, Twitter I think is great, less for getting people to watch the show and more for getting to meet the right people,” Rotman explained.

As Streamin’ Garage airs its “Game of Thrones”-inspired live show this Sunday, Rotman will use social media to bring fans of the HBO series into the conversation. “Stupid For Game of Thrones” will incorporate live fan interaction as Rotman explains, “Stupid for Game of Thrones is going to be a full fan round table where people will call in, we Skype them in and they are there on video split screen. All that is really important just to build into the show itself. “

Rotman has already had success through social media with “Stupid For Game of Thrones,” by reaching one “Game of Thrones” writers via Twitter. “We were trying to get people from ‘Game of Thrones’ and I sent out some tweets and I already got Bryan Cogman who wrote the show bible for ‘Game of Thrones’ and wrote episode three of season two for ‘Game of Thrones’ and now he wants to come on our show,” said Rotman.

“Stupid For Game of Thrones” hits the Web this Sunday in conjunction with the season two premier of “Game of Thrones” on HBO. Streamin’ Garage will be providing fans a chance to join the discussion live, because as Rotman explains, “people are going to share the experience; otherwise what’s the point of doing it live?”

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