The Best Mobile News Apps

American journalism is in a tough spot– alright– that could possibly be one of the biggest understatements of the 21st century. It is no secret that New Media has dramatically shifted the way that Americans consume the news over the last decade. Small print publications have slowly disappeared and even prestigious publications like the Tribune company have seen a staggering dip in circulation.

Given the state of the declining print news industry it was quite a shock to hear the results of Pew Research Center’s News Media Report 2012.  According to their annual report, which gauges the status of American journalism, the future of journalism is looking up, if 2012 report is any indicator. Research shows that the availability of the news through mobile devices and social media has actually given way to a rise in news consumption. That means, more people are reading the news and long-form journalism may have a chance after all!

(Cue collective sigh of relief from the entire news industry…)

People are still turning to their favorite news outlets to stay updated, but have just changed the medium through which they consume the news. Which is why we wanted to give you our pick of the top 5 apps to help you stay informed and basically, keep doing what you are doing…



Why we love it:

For those of you who would rather watch a movie than read a book, this is the news
app for you. The USA TODAY app accompanies nearly every article with video content. USA TODAY is known for their uniquely colorful layouts in their print publication, so it is no wonder that they  designed their app to be just as visually appealing.



Why we love it:

BBC is the best source for world news.  The app features all the top global news stories, then breaks it down by  global regions like Europe, Latin American, UK, Asia, Middle East. It also gives you the option of reading the top stories in your language of choice: including Russian, Persian, Arabic and various other languages.




Why We love it:

The app is just as unique as the news organization, it allows you to stream all of your favorite radio content from the different programs that NPR  features on their national radio stations. It also updates the user with hourly newscasts and top stories.

Huffington Post

Why we love it:

The Huffington Post app gives you the option to change the edition of your home page and story content selection. It allows you to choose from  USA, Canada and UK versions of the publication. Depending on your selection, the content displayed  on your app will  change.This gives you the ability to stay informed  on international  news without having to visit multiple apps or publications.


New York Times

Why we love it:

A cool feature we like is the “Most e-mailed” section. It gives you sequential breakdown about what stories are trending by being able to see what  people are reading and sharing with their friends. It also has a clear breakdown of the sections so you can find the news you want easily.