Top 5 Flash-Sale Clothing Websites

Last week, I did all of you aspiring new media types a favor by writing up current YouTube and Facebook contests you could enter to win stuff your lives have been missing, like money, jobs and a car. And so far this week, I’ve mentioned the small fortune you’ve blown on Carl’s Jr. and Pokemon cards (see: 7 Apps to Download Your Precious Time), and referenced how you’ve spent all your time playing video games you really couldn’t afford. Today, I’m going to demean you further by telling you that you need new clothes.

Hold on a second! Before you run off to the nearest Urban Outfitters to buy clothes that your grandparents complained were too “old looking,” check out these flash-sale clothing sites that will not only save you some dough, but have you looking pretty spiffy as well.


Gilt Groupe

The king of the flash-sale sites, Gilt has been serving thrifty fashionistas since 2007. Gilt offers both men’s and women’s clothing, housewares and trips, among other various goods and services. But visit Gilt to shop high-end designer clothing that is always at a discount, and sometimes at such steep discounts that you can’t help but excitedly tell people how much money you’re saving while typing in numbers from your maxed-out credit card. How do Gilt and other flash-sale sites do it? They sell brands’ excess inventory for cheap, but only in a limited span of time in order to get customers to commit to purchasing fast.

Take note, new media VIPs: Gilt is currently teaming up with Klout to offer discounts that match your Klout score on specific days this week. What’s Klout? It’s an online analytics tool that purports to statistically measure your true online influence among social networks, and grants you a grade from 0-100, with 0 being Alan Van status and 100 being Lady Gaga status. So buff up your social media following quickly and head over to Gilt for the first-come first-served Klout discount.


Jack Threads

Jack Threads offers only men’s clothing and shoes, as well as various accessories. Expect mostly urban and hip clothing here, along with beachwear. The drill’s the same – discounted clothing for only a limited brand. Sign up to get daily notifications of new sales.




This is Karmaloop’s flash-sale site, so expect to see a whole lot of that one racially ambiguous guy with the big beard. Plndr sells both men’s and women’s clothing, so everyone’s happy. Shop here for a lot of the same urban clothing and accessories you see on Karmaloop, so expect your shopping cart to have an Obey shirt in it even though you didn’t put it there.


Rue La La and Hautelook

Both of these flash-sale sites have similar offerings to Gilt, with Rue La La being on the lower end among the three. Guys, both of these offer mostly women’s clothing, so unless you’re Prince, you’re probably out of luck.



Take advantage of these sites while you can, since flash-sale sites aren’t doing too hot financially – a couple of these sites have had to cut staff recently. In addition, Gilt has had to add a full price clothing component to their business model in the form of a sister website (Park and Bond) to stay on top. So visit these sites and dress yourselves well until crap hits the fan and you have to go back to wearing stinky hipster clothes from Urban Outfitters.

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