Top 5 YouTube Philanthropist Organizations

Want to do something good for the world, but don’t have the funds? YouTube‘s Nonprofit Program may just be the answer to your prayers to drive action.  Here are three self-made philanthropist organizations who are passionate about change and use YouTube to make videos that go viral with a cause.  Saving the world just got a little bit easier.

1. Sal Khan

It’s hard enough trying to wrap your brain around a new subject, but within the depths of YouTube lies a place for you to focus without someone pestering you and constantly asking “Do you get this?” Philanthropist Rockstar Sal Khan is the mastermind behind Khan Academy, an organization founded on the principle that anyone should be able to receive a free world-class education anywhere, at any time.  In 2006 the alumni of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School, began a small favor tutoring his relatives.  When Khan’s relatives needed more time to grasp the material, they slammed him with harsh feedback that they preferred watching him over the internet than in person.  This change in his presentation style prompted Khan to record all of his lectures using YouTube.  The light-bulb moment came when the small favor of uploading tutorial videos went viral.  Khan realized he was reaching an audience upwards of 20,000 per video, which prompted him to make a life altering decision of creating The Khan Academy.

2. The Jubilee Project

Doing good is contagious, and the fine fellows of The Jubilee Project are hard at work infecting  the world with the spirit of philanthropy.  Eddie Lee, Jason Y. Lee and Eric Lu are on amission to team up with dreamers and do-gooders to make videos with a purpose.  In using the concept that “your view matters,” The Jubilee Project donates a penny per view to a charity supporting their cause.  In January of 2010 after the devastation of the the Haiti earthquakes, they were able to raise over $700 to Haitian relief organizations.  With a different theme for each video promoting an empowering message, they aim to inspire, educate and capture the essence of random acts of kindness.

3. KevJumba

Being blatantly awkward and uncool might just be the newest cool.  Through hilariously entertaining videos that are often all too true to life, Kevin has claimed his fame playing off of Asian stereotypes, being friend-zoned, and finishing last as the “nice guy,” KevJumba has built an impressive fan base with over 2 million subscribers and 57 million views. Through his channel Jumbafund, he donates all of his revenue to various charities. This year, he has partnered with The Supply to build the first ever secondary school in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya called Jumba Lenana Academy.

4. DoSomething!

Priding themselves on having authentic, genuine ideas is perhaps one of the most diverse philanthropic organizations out there.  Throughout their past campaigns they have successfully organized book drives, school equipment drives and clothing drives.  Through a completely selfless cause, CEO Nancy Lubin has been partnering up with celebrities like Olivia Munn, Jay Sean, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Kristen Bell, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Nick Cannon and many others, has been able to target themselves to a younger demographic.  However what sets Do Something apart from every other organization is their dedication to recognition.   Their annual Do Something Awards set out to recognize young people under the age of 25 who have inspired the world by doing something remarkable for their community.

5. Michelle Phan

Everyone has a purpose in life Michelle Phan says that her purpose is to help people look and feel their best everyday.  Michelle Phan is one of the most celebrated online beautifiers and now a top-subscribed female YouTuber with over a million subscribers.  To celebrate her one million mark, Michelle Phan wanted to spread a message that there’s nothing more beautiful than helping others and saving a life.  With a special fundraiser to end malaria, Phan created a video stating some unsettling facts about malaria killing a child every 45 seconds and nearly one million people each year.  The purpose of her message is to encourage her subscribers to donate to her charity fund to end malaria.  Millions of lives have been saved have been saved by preventative measures using mosquito nets and Phan is encouraging her million subscribers to save a million through their $1 donations.

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