Why Ladies Love Pinterest

Have you got a Pinterest invite yet? Well, if you’re a woman, you’re more likely to have heard about this social media photo site at some point. Why do I say that? A recent report pointed out that the vast majority of Pinterest users are women—80 percent. Anyway, those statistics don’t mean that men like me are shut out from one of the fastest growing social media sites out there; it’s just that women are really, really into it. Well, the numbers and the viewings are in and here’s a few reasons why women love Pinterest.


You Can Count On It

When it comes to trust in social media, women aren’t so keen to run to Facebook for ideas or advice as they do with Pinterest. In fact, a recent survey published by BlogHer pointed out that 81 percent of women representing the general U.S. public trusted Pinterest and blogs with 47 percent of them acting on advice from what they saw on the site. On the other hand, 67 percent of women trust Facebook and a low 33 percent of them acted on advice on that site. Watching what you see on the Pinterest boards and taking ideas from it seems to help the site grow exponentially, which leads to my next point…


All The Pretty Images

Humans are visual creatures and women especially are fascinated with the sheer beauty that many of their peers follow and pin to their boards. Pinterest is designed for the visually aesthetic—you see that dress, you want to wear that dress, you love that dress. Instead of me blabbing about it, here’s some beautiful stuff from the Pinterest boards.


Like Magazines But Better

Looking through some Pinterest is like looking at an interactive design or fashion magazine. The visual appeal of Pinterest attracts the numerous amount of women that dominate the site, but the magazine like aspects—from tips to trends—only cater to that demographic even more. Like perusing through the magazine stand, Pinterest caters to fashion and design interests through its easily searchable boards.


Your Dreams On A Board

Through its emphasis of stunning imagery and magazine-like one-stop center for advice and ideas, Pinterest feeds into women’s dreams. Planning ahead for that dream wedding? Check out those wedding dress boards! Want to know how Kim Kardashian does her nails? Pinterest’s got some cool photos!


Brands Are Taking Interest

Of course, when something like Pinterest goes big, brands that cater to the demographic that uses the site will start to notice. Some of the biggest brands in the Pinterest game include Better Homes and Gardens (if you want a beautiful living space), Whole Foods (if you’re figuring out how to make something with Kale) and Michaels (if you’re looking for inspiration for your Etsy store).

As for guys like me, at least we’ve got Gentlemint.

Sources: BlogHer, TechCrunch

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