Why You Should Never Tweet Your # Out

Justin Bieber is in deep trouble. No, he didn’t turn into a white Chris Brown, but he may have a day in court. Why? After posting a phone number on his Twitter page to his legion of followers, a Texas couple has threatened legal action against the boy wonder after getting more than 1,000 calls from Bieber fans. They are hoping for some restitution, whether it’s an apology, a free concert or some money. Tsk tsk tsk.
This prank by Bieber falls into the small but growing pantheon of Twitter incidents involving phone numbers (two of them involving the Bieb-meister himself). If you post it, they will call.


Charlie Sheen’s Number Fail

When you’ve got tiger blood like Charlie Sheen, you can do no wrong…unless you’re not aware of how to use the direct messaging function for Twitter. That is what Mr. Winning did a few months ago as he attempted to send a message to Justin Bieber with his phone number on the social networking site. Of course, when you have a tweet like “(number blocked) Call me bro. C” on your handle, chances are people will respond—with 1,800 text messages in minutes. Luckily for Sheen, he took the tweet down, but not before his phone melted and he wept over its exploded body.


Kim Wants You To Call Bieber…NOT!

Apparently, using the Beeb’s name to promote your brother in a dancing competition is frowned upon in phone etiquette. Tell that to Kim Kardashian, who tweeted to her 10 million plus followers: “OMG I have @JustinBieber’s phone #!!!! 800 8683402! CALL HIM! He’s taking calls for the next hour!!!!” We all know that Justin Bieber doesn’t have an 800 number (it’s actually the number to get her brother Rob to win Dancing With The Stars), but Kim was kidding though!


The Game’s Emergency Internship Program

Although Kim Kardashian’s misappropriation of the Bieber didn’t get her bro disqualified, Tweeting a number could have serious consequences as the rapper The Game found out last August. When you’re big like The Game and tweet to your 580,000 followers that you’re offering an internship by calling a certain phone number, you know people will definitely take a crack at it. However, that number directed callers to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department emergency number, which obviously angered them because they were answering calls about an internship rather than dealing with real emergencies. The Sheriff’s Department investigated the incident but closed it after The Game apologized for the “joke gone wrong” and in accepting responsibility blamed his friend for the tweet.