YouTube Musician Nice Peter Fired From DigiTour 2012

As the second annual DigiTour rolls through the Midwest and Canada in the next few weeks, the YouTube fueled tour package will be short one set of yellow glasses. In a tweet sent out on March 24th, YouTube comedian and musician Nice Peter announced that he had been fired for the remainder of the 2012 DigiTour. In the tweet, Nice Peter wrote, “Dear Homies, @theDigiTour fired me from the rest of the tour. Please RT.”

Nice Peter was one of many YouTube musicians headlining the nation wide DigiTour that brought some of the best names in YouTube live and on stage. Nice Peter was named “King of Dot Comedy” by G4’s Attack of The Show and is one of the most prominent and influential names in YouTube comedy and music. With a special blend of fan generated, pop culture infused performances, Nice Peter has over 1.5 million subscribers over four different YouTube channels.

In an effort to shed some light on the mystery surrounding his sudden forced departure from the tour, Nice Peter released a YouTube video yesterday covering the unfortunate circumstances. In the video, Nice Peter explains that, “YouTube to me is something that represents something very different, there is a lot of things in the music business that re very corrupt from the inside, because the truth is YouTube is one of the only places where you can get in front of an audience without money.”

Nice Peter goes on to explain that the DigiTour was, in his eyes, not upholding those same ideals, stating:

“When I was in the middle of the DigiTour, I realized I was part of something that was not about me and it was not about you, and it wasn’t about YouTube and it wasn’t about the audience, it was about money, and that became something that really bothered me from the inside.”

Further into the video, Nice Peter explains that as YouTube grows, “It’s going to get attacked by people who think they can buy their way into it.” This, of course, as Nice Peter explained earlier was something that he could not get behind and a large part of the reason he was fired from the tour. The specific circumstances that led to his departure from the DigiTour are not addressed; the only explanation given by Nice Peter in the video is that,

“I said some things, I spoke my mind, I spoke what I felt was the truth, they did not like it and they decided to fire me.”

Nice Peter goes further in explaining that he has plans to tour with friends in the future, across the United States, Canada and Europe.

With YouTube celebrities allegedly pulling in six-figure salaries, there is no question that YouTube is already more than just a place for home videos. As more and more money is made from the YouTube phenomena, people will only naturally try to capitalize on it. Any industry that is rising will find itself swarmed with investors and advertisers; nothing stays truly independent forever. Should the money driven mentality towards YouTube be fought against as Nice Peter did? Or is this just the natural progression of a rapidly expanding form of media? We want to know what you think; let us know how you feel about YouTube expansion and Nice Peter’s termination below.

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