3 Google’s Easter Eggs You May Not Know About

Yeah, I know it’s Tuesday, but hopefully you’ve recovered from your Easter egg coma by now. The Easter egg hunt on the Internet–no, not the edible ones–can be very exciting and yield many fascinating finds. Although Google may be famous for its doodles (I’m surprised they had nothing for Easter Sunday this year), they have quite a good number of Easter eggs. I’m sure that having a sense of humor is a prerequisite for the Google hiring process because the developers have a large hidden cache of Easter eggs. While I can’t help you find every Easter egg (it’s part of the adventure), I’ll give you three of them to check out:

Barrel Roll









Did you know your browser can do tricks too? One stunt that your browser can do on Google is the barrel roll. You’re probably wondering: How can Google barrel roll? Type on the search “do a barrel roll” on the Google search and see it spin for a few seconds and you’ve got your search results. Presto!

Kayak To Hawaii









Do you have a fear of flying but still want to go to Hawaii? Unfortunately, you’re out of luck my friend, but Google Maps does have a way to get to the Islands from the West Coast. Simply put your destination (e.g. Honolulu) and Google Maps will give you directions just like any other road route, but you’re going to have to kayak your way to there. Getting to Hawaii without flying isn’t easy.

Ninja Sighting!









Remember those Konami codes you used to cheat your way to victory? Apparently if you use it on Google Docs, you will find a pleasant surprise. Try it out on the Google Reader. Go up, up, down, down, left, left, right, right, B, A and pow! The screen turns blue on the left and a ninja pops up! So that’s where he’s been hiding these days.

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