3 Reasons Why We Photograph Our Food

Are you eating slop again at work today? Yup, it’s just another Monday. It can’t compare to that fancy steak meal at that “fusion bistro” restaurant you had over the weekend. Did you remember to take a picture? Oooh and you’re struggling to visually remember it.

I can speak for myself and say that once in a while, I do like photographing my food. Perhaps it’s because I have a built in camera on my phone, perhaps it’s the fact that some of my friends have the most opulent posts about where they eat for lunch. However, I can’t claim to always have a knack for giving every meal a closeup. That said, I’ve come up with three reasons why food photography has a home on the Internet.

We’re Show Offs

For some of us, whenever we find out from our friends about a great restaurant that just opened up, it’s imperative to take photos of the food. Why? To show everyone else how lucky we are that we got to try it out before many of our friends and tell it on Twitter or Facebook. Showing off the appetizers and the main course at a trendy restaurant on camera is another way of getting attention on the web—and just making a few just downright jealous and disdainful of you. It makes more sense by the day judging these mouth-watering images.

We Want Something To Remember

In the same vein as being a show off, snapping food photos on your camera has made it easier to remember what we had for breakfast this morning. While you may not find a photograph of a bowl of McDonald’s oatmeal, I’m sure that guy who took the photo had good reason. Maybe he wanted to remind himself that they sell it for under two bucks or maybe (and we can all hope) he is reminding himself that he could make a better oatmeal than some multinational super-sized corporation.

Social Media Has Made It Easy

As recently as five years ago, food photography seemed destined only for glossy magazines, fancy websites and that faded, blurry poster at the local Chinese takeout. Now that we have Twitter and Facebook to count as enablers, anyone with a camera phone can shoot images and make people gaze in awe at foods that would otherwise be ignored by snooty food critics and inept restaurant owners with a Kodachrome. Let the flood of Double Double photos begin.

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