3 Ways To Pimp Your YouTube Channel

Let’s face it, not being a YouTube partner sucks. Aspiring YouTube artists I speak with openly confess their desire to be a sponsored YouTube partner.  But, who can blame them? Just look at all the perks that being a YouTube partner come with.

  • Use of YouTube’s analytics tools
  • Specialized copyright protection tools
  • Oppurtunties to make money from your channel with ads
  • Cross platform streaming
  • The ability to upload high quality videos up to 1080 HD
  • Unlimited video length upload
  • An entire set of tools to let you customize your page
  • 150 pixels worth of banner space

That last bullet point is especially important for a few reasons. As a non-YouTube partner you are only allotted 20 pixels worth of real estate for the top of your page. If 20 pixels seem like enough for you, I say to you ‘don’t be a dummy and check out the difference below.’

20 Pixels

150 Pixels

As you can see 130 pixels can make a world of difference. Which makes me wonder why YouTube even gives people 20 pixels of space at all.

If you are one of the unlucky folk that cannot seem to break into YouTube partnership, there are still several ways to capitalize on your lack of banner space.

Use The Sides

Although as a regular YouTube member you cannot use much banner space, the borders surrounding your screen and playlists can be used for the same effect. In both sidebars, non-affiliate members can add any image that they think will personalize their YouTube channel’s page. Do not forget to add plenty of other social media icons to remind visitors of your Twitter, Facebook and Web pages.

Include Links In Your Information

Unlike YouTube partners, regular users cannot use image mapping that allows fans to click a banner and be taken to a Facebook or Twitter page. Again, this goes back to making sure that people on your page know exactly where to find the information instead. In your banner include that links to your social media sites can be found in the information section of your YouTube page. This way people can connect with you on every site.

Download This Template

Here at NMR we whipped up this special template that is the exact measurements of a YouTube channel’s page. All you need to do now is take this into Photoshop and build your page within the template’s measurements. Now, take this and prove to the world that you don’t need to be a YouTube partner to be awesome.

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