3 YouTube Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

1. FREE Money To Advertise Your YouTube Video

Yup, you read that right, YouTube recently announced that Google is giving away $50 million in advertising for Google Adwords. What this basically means is that Google is giving you free money to set up ads where you can target your audience and drive traffic to a link. Why not use this opportunity to set up an ad campaign that directs targeted traffic to your YouTube video? I highly suggest you do some research in how to set up Adwords campaigns to insure you create the most optimal campaign possible. You can request here for your free $75 Google Adwords credit.

*Disclaimer: In order to redeem this coupon, you can’t already have an existing Google Adwords account.


2. Read the YouTube Playbooks

The YouTube team has graciously written the Creator and Advertiser playbook available for download to help produce, drive traffic, and build an audience for your videos. While the Advertiser Playbook focuses more on the companies looking to use YouTube to build their business, I strongly recommend you read both books. The Advertiser playbook includes valuable information that will help you set up your first Adwords campaign and take advantage of the free credit above.

Refer here for YouTube Creator Playbook   Refer here for YouTube Advertiser Playbook 



3. Attend the upcoming YouTube Creator Education events in Los Angeles

YouTube will be hosting workshops in the near future in Los Angeles which will cover all aspects for success on YouTube. These are first come first serve events that are FREE for all YouTube partners. So with YouTube expanding their partners program, this means your chances of being able to attend these events are increased. Refer to the YouTube Creator Education site for more information about upcoming events.

 Make sure to take advantage of these great FREE resources. Hopefully, we’ll see you all at the top of the YouTube ladder soon!


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