4 Reasons Why Dove’s Facebook Ad Campaign is Awesome

I read this on Mashable yesterday, and I literally can’t stop thinking about it. This is possibly one of the most brilliant social media marketing campaigns I have EVER seen. So just to give you guys the lowdown, Dove created a Facebook app that aims to replace all those ads you’ve seen that make women feel self conscious about their physical appearance with more positive ads. Watch the video below:

From my standpoint, this is social media marketing at its finest. Here’s why:

1. It uses semi-user generated content to create targeted ads

As the video states, you select the message you want to send, followed by the the type of women you want to target. This is genius! Dove is literally making their demographic generate ads for their target audience. As the old saying goes, word-of-mouth marketing is the best form of marketing, and this, my friend, is like word-of-mouth marketing on steroids.

2. It targets a hot topic and sensitive emotions

Women’s self-consciousness about their physical appearance has always been a hot topic for various groups. In our exclusive interview with Joel Bartlett from PETA, he said that “emotional reactions are the key to viral word of mouth content”. This campaign directly targets a specific topic that elicits various emotions that will push viewers to take action after viewing.

3. It makes viewers feel like they are giving back

Who wouldn’t want to do something that brightens other people’s day? Downloading this app and doing what it says gives people the gratification that they are helping the world and its people in one way or another. This is a similar idea to the KONY campaign and is a factor in why it was so popular.

4. It doesn’t feel like an ad

The best ads are the ones that don’t look like one in the first place. With this campaign, Dove anchors the positive feelings they bring out from their audience back to their brand. With their logo included in every single message sent to replace ads, they further build their brand equity, which in turn, increases their revenue in the long run.

Well played Dove…well played…