4 Things Time Travel Can Teach You About YouTube

Well, I imagine most of you are in hospital beds after having your sides literally split from all those HYSTERICAL April fools day related Facebook updates yesterday like, “OMG IM PREGNANT…LOL JK!!!!” For the record geniuses, it’s not a prank if you say it’s a prank in the same grammatical nightmare you call a sentence. It is no stretch to say that I hate April fools day. If people are allowed one day to lie and make up fake fatal diseases, I should be allowed to drop kick them in the names of the people who actually have those diseases.

In an effort to go back in time and destroy the person who invented April fools day, I have purchased a copy of “Plans for Time-Travel Machines That ‘really’ Work: How to Move Through Time and Space,” a self published masterpiece so ahead of it’s time, it’s literally ahead of it’s time. In addition, I have rented every film about time travel in order to prepare myself for the long journey ahead of me. Through my many viewings of “Terminator” and “We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story” I have learned several lessons about the past, present and the future. Before I leave you, dear new media artist, I will impart upon you the advice of an amateur time traveler. Now, I must go, the future needs me.

1. The Smallest Things Can Cause Great Change

Any great YouTube channel or blog has a specific formula and changing anything in that formula could be harmful to its success. Conversely, a failing new media project could change overnight with just a minor tweak. As a new media artist you must know what should or should not be changed. If you erase a segment of your blog that fans loved, you can guarantee that you will lose viewership. As Marty McFly learned, changing any formula will result in instant and often disastrous results. Be very careful before adding or removing any material to your new media repertoire.

2.Make Sure You Know Where You Are Going

Through my studies of time travel, I have learned that not knowing what your destination is can prove to be fatal. Sitting down in a time vessel and randomly selecting a year seems pretty harmless until your being impaled by rampaging stegosaurs. Do not let your career as a new media artist become impaled by a stampeding herbivore. Know exactly what kind of content you will be putting out and where you want it to go. If you have no clear plan, your content can come out too vague and you will not be able to nail down a specific viewership. Find your niche before you even begin that YouTube channel or blog.

3.Technology Can and Will Destroy You

If “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” has taught me anything it’s to never trust police officers and that technology is doing everything in it’s power to crush humanity. As companies like Skynet (read Google) continue to come up with groundbreaking innovations in the fields of social media, it is up to us, the consumer, to stay up to date on them. If there is a new way to track views on YouTube, then you better learn it fast. It happened when YouTube received a new layout and when people rushed to get familiar with Google+. There are always going to be new advances in technology, the moment you start to fall behind on them is the moment that your work will take a hit (read T-1000 crushing your skull).

4.You Are Never Safe

Much like traveling through time, in the world of social media, there will always be someone waiting to take you down. Never let your guard down and always be willing to evolve and meet trends. Once you become stagnant and unoriginal, the rest is as they say in the time traveling business, history. The best on YouTube and in new media are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to create compelling content.

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