4 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Skills

You already have a good social media network to publish and promote your latest skit or original/cover song. However, you may not be satisfied with your final product. Maybe you’re looking for more visuals or just need to know how to make better videos overall. While some of the greatest indicators of YouTube success are good content and quantity, some artists err on the side of quantity rather than focus on putting much effort to create a fantastic video. Consider becoming a YouTube partner if you’ve already have some footing with content. If you’re a YouTube partner already, here are some of the ways you can improve your craft and gain more views and praise:

Consider a YouTube Workshop

On the YouTube Creators blog, they are offering workshops to making the most of your video production in addition to helping you get more money from your cat video or trippy music video. Some of the upcoming classes at the YouTube Creator Education events include Vlogging 101, Making Webisodes and chats with esteemed celebrities like Pauly Shore. What’s the catch? Nearly all of the classes are in Los Angeles and have limited capacity so sign up early and book your flight if you outside the area. If you’re up to the challenge, stay informed on the blog or on their Twitter site.



YouTube Distance Education

If you can’t make it out to Los Angeles or you didn’t sign up on time, have no fear! The Creator blog also have some tips on improving your film production skills from improving your video awesomeness to making your audio sound better. Coming soon to Google Hangouts: YouTube Creator workshops live from Los Angeles!

Learn From Others On The Internet

YouTube isn’t the only place to learn how to make YouTube videos. Finding information on improving your video craft is one Google search away. Various sources can help you make a better video through practice from blogs by those in the industry to the myriad of videos you can find on YouTube. While it is a Do-it-yourself effort and lacks the hands-on approach of going to a YouTube workshop, it won’t cost you that much money.

Attend Video Production Classes

Investing in video production classes is the best way to go if you’re taking the quality route. Many community colleges, private businesses and other organizations offer courses in film production, scriptwriting and sound to better your skills without costing you an arm and a leg. You may need to take one class just to get a step ahead if you’ve already have the skills. Of course, if you are serious to the craft, you could go to film school…