4 Ways We’re Becoming Digital Hoarders

Have you ever seen the show “Hoarders”? You know, that program on A&E where they profile people who have compulsive hoarding tendencies? Yes, they’ve featured people who have shopping addiction, but some of those featured have gone to extremes like hoarding rabbits or garbage. Yuck.

How does this relate to new media? Well, for one thing, the Internet has made it easier for us to bring our hoarding habits for everyone to see. Although we waste less paper and space, we still find ways to lose our sanity. Here are some apps and other platforms that make us more like the people from “Hoarders” every day and put our hard drives at critical mass.

Instapaper and Pocket

Enjoying a website so much that you wish you could access it offline. Yes, there’s an app for that—make that two. Instapaper allows you to save blog posts or websites as a text only file for later reference and is supported by more than 150 iPhone/iPad applications that lets you get the info you want on the go. In addition, Instapaper has multiple organizational features that will heighten our need to keep your articles forever and ever (as long as you’re under 500 posts). Instapaper is going to cost you $4.99, so if you’re a spendthrift, a similar free app is Pocket.

Cloud Platforms





Yesterday, we talked about how Google Drive can be useful for new media artists. While we’re on the subject of cloud platforms, we can’t help that these platforms will only make us hoard more documents or random videos of cats even more without lugging our laptops everywhere. These virtual hard drives have given more reason for us to hoard without worrying about our hard drives melting because of overwork. However, the only concern about cloud platforms are the cost to maintain it annually and waiting impatiently to access it if you forgot your password or something downer like “site maintenance.”

External Hard Drives

If cloud platforms make you uncomfortable to hoard, a somewhat affordable (in comparison to cloud platforms) and high volume option are external hard drives. They help us hoard the most files when our laptops can’t fit any more cat videos or love letters. With external hard drives hoarding as much as 2 TB of files, we’ll be piling up the equivalent of virtual trash, magazines and endless amounts of papers in no time!


Since the rise of Pinterest, many of us have transferred cluttering our physical pinboards into this photo-heavy social media site. Pinterest has made hoarding ever so beautiful. The mission statement that Pinterest “connect(s) everyone through the ‘things’ they find interesting” only brings our clutter and fragmented ideas into the Internets. Instead of having faded, yellowing clips of summer dresses on your dilapidated pinboard, you can look at your own dream collections as well as millions of other people’s ideas.

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