5 Artists We Shouldn’t Make Into Holograms

“What the f**k is up Coachella!” That was how the man, the legend, the idol—Tupac Shakur’s holographic image greeted fans at Coachella last weekend (and will likely appear again this weekend as well). Now that a “resurrected” Tupac is one of the most talked about performances, people like me are also wondering which other deceased musicians deserve the hologram treatment. In a recent on the street interview on TMZ, Dr. Dre stated he would like to see Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye make their holographic debut. Yikes.

If you want my opinion, I think the holographic trend may get way too carried away and leave us with these burning questions. Will we get tired of Tupac touring every year? Will Frank Sinatra sing new songs? One thing is certain…not every dead artist deserves a holographic treatment. No disrespect to these departed souls, but here are five artists that shouldn’t be exposed (or exploited) as a traveling hologram.


Kurt Cobain

With the return of Seattle grunge darlings Soundgarden thanks to their performance of the theme song of the upcoming “Avengers” movie, I can count that a few people who miss the grunge days would love to see a Kurt Cobain hologram. Good lord that would just be a bad idea from the start. Why? Because when Nirvana sprang up, we were at a time of disillusioned youth, awful rap (e.g. Vanilla Ice) and economic downturn and it resonated with people. Oh wait, it’s similar today? Nevermind then. I still think Kurt Cobains too depressing for a revival.



The Beatles

I’m putting this on the list not because they’re terrible but rather it’s that I don’t like seeing one of the most influential rock and roll bands be nothing more than a pure cash cow. Nothing wrong with making money but we’ve already got hundreds of thousands of Beatle tribute bands and Beatles fans will never get sick of listening to “Sgt. Pepper” or “Abbey Road. Let’s treat any idea of a hologram Beatles on tour the same way the kids of the Beatles floated the idea to form Beatles 2—put it to sleep.


Michael Jackson

As if they can’t get enough, Michael Jackson has been floated as a potential hologram and it wouldn’t surprise us if it became a reality. The only problem is, like the Beatles, we’d just be way too saturated with Michael Jackson mania. In his last years, he became more of a joke with the scandals and his offbeat appearances and now we know every one iota of his later life, wouldn’t it just be good enough to remember and watch performances of the man in his prime?



Rick James

This may be unlikely in all honesty, but this oldie but (somewhat) goodie may be something that moneymakers would like to try out in the future. I mean who can resist the songs “Superfreak” and “Give It To Me Baby”? However, since Dave Chappelle introduced the “True Hollywood Stories” sketch (“I’m Rick James, bitch”), I can never look at the funkster the same way again and having him as a hologram is even worse. Honestly, Dave Chappelle as Rick James would be more fascinating on stage than having a replica of the “cocaine is a hell of a drug” singer virtually perform.


Amy Winehouse

If they tried to bring Amy Winehouse in hologram, then I say no, no, no. The English vocalist, known for her songs “Rehab” and “You Know I’m No Good” met her untimely passing last year. She had a wonderful voice but that ends there. If she was crap on stage in life, how can they possibly make her better in hologram form?

[Source: TMZ]

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