5 Funniest and Cutest Animal YouTube Channels

Keeping in theme with my PETA piece this week, I will be highlighting some of the best and most popular YouTube channels that feature animals. That’s right, yet another “best and most popular” list from your favorite original writer of all time – me. But hold on, pull your pants back up, punk. You don’t wanna shit on this list – it features animals! On YouTube! Animals! “Funniest and Cutest Animal YouTube Channels”!

Cuddly, lovable animals. We all love chubby little baby animals with big noggins and saucer eyes because they make us go, “awww.” And we love them as adults too, because they make us go “mmm” when we imagine their fatty, succulent meat stuffed inside a burrito. I’m just kidding, PETA. Clearly, the thought of animal meat is revolting, and it’s not even appropriate to joke about it. Just put down the bucket of red paint, and let’s watch these YouTube channels featuring some of our best animal friends.


Billed as “Your one stop shop for furry things that talk,” Klaatu42 is the work of one Anthony Grantham. However, he’s probably better referred to as “talking cat guy,” which I gleaned from his email address. Talking cat guy’s YouTube channel features videos of cats and dogs dubbed with his voice. His cats sing and make funny talk. Sounds simple, but it’s effective, because the channel has over 575 thousand subscribers and 229 million video views.


This channel with over 293 thousand subscribers and over 290 million views, features a talking Siberian husky named “Mishka.” Yup, more talking animals. However, Mishka’s voice isn’t dubbed – it’s his actual “voice.” You can hear him say, “Hello,” “I love you,” and various other things in his videos. Does he actually say those things? Depending on how you see it, it could be anything from random howling to a dog doing his best to mimic his humans’ language. Whatever the case, Mishka’s videos will leave you howling in hysteria. (You know you secretly loved my pun).


A Japanese channel that features the mundane adventures of a cat named “Maru.” The channel has over 203 thousand subscribers and 153 million video views, which is just proof of how ridiculously much the Internet loves cats. Keep your eyes peeled for a possible upcoming interview with Maru and his owners from NMR’s Matt Manarino. Matt may not have my talent or creativity, but he certainly has a kinship with cats that I can’t even begin to fathom. It’s because he’s white.


Randall’s Wild Wild World of Animals YouTube channel is the home of one of viral video-dom’s biggest stars – the “Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger.” That video, which features a very, shall we say, “camp,” narration of wildlife footage of a honey badger, is nearing 43 million video views alone. Go to czg 123 to see more of the same, except with different animals.


AnimalPlanetTV’s videos may have originated from their TV channel, but it couldn’t be passed over for this list because of its over 323 thousand subscribers and 377 million video views. Browse their selection of 2,339 videos to find an animal clip that will educate and entertain you.


And here is why you should love puppies more than kitties:


Any channels I missed?

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