5 Things To Do When Gmail Fails

Like nearly 7 million of you who use Gmail (out of 350 million), I was shut out from reading my emails and going on Gchat to talk about plans for articles for your reading pleasure. Of course, that didn’t go well with me because, as a busy man, I live off of Gmail to send information and conduct business. Luckily the guys at Google solved the problem for most of us in an hour. If it happens again, don’t panic. The next time you find that Gmail (or any other email platform) decides to have a hissy fit, here are five things to do to kill time.


Go On Facebook

In the new media age, email has largely been supplanted by social media (as you may know). Facebook integrates connections among friends seamlessly not only to post embarrassing photos on your friend’s wall, but also as a convenient alternative to email. When you and your friends are on Facebook, why bother using email? That’s for work and all the junk the mail you’re trying to avoid. What’s the downside of using all your time on Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg is watching you.

Tweet It Out

If you’re getting a 500 error, there’s some therapy for you—it’s called Twitter. For a brief moment yesterday, the hashtag #gmail made it to one of the most trending topics on Twitter. As many people bemoaned the temporary fail of Gmail, Google engineers took note of it and acknowledged their pleas as soon as possible. When Google doesn’t clarify how to contact them, the best way is to Tweet it out.

Get Some Fresh Air

What are you doing staring at the screen? If it’s temporarily unavailable, it will be back—trust me. When your email is down, it’s also a good time to just get out and enjoy a little bit of life—like the days when email didn’t exist and people communicated by, well, talking to other people in person on the telephone. Enjoy the sunshine. It’s not the end of the world yet (although it may be a sign that December 21 is just around the corner).

Find a Viral Video

We love viral videos here at NMR and despite Gmail failing nearly 7 million of us, YouTube (owned by Google) remained largely intact. If there’s anything more important than keeping up with your clients or your friends by email or Gchat, it’s finding out what kind of packaging Maru will fit into next.

Do Nothing

That’s right. Just do nothing. Nada. Zilch. If Google couldn’t find its way out of this mess, it wouldn’t be one of the most powerful names in the business. Let Google do the work and just ait.