AudioSwap News That Should be Music to YouTube Creator’s Ears

Are your YouTube videos tired, run down, listless? Are they poop at parties? Are they unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in YouTube’s AudioSwap feature. AudioSwap contains instrumental, electronic, pop, r&b, and other stylish audio tracks to serve as the soundtrack for your videos. Are you a YouTube comedic type whose “funny” videos are gaining no traction? Drown out your failed jokes with a cheesy pop ballad that’s guaranteed to get your video more laughs than your ill-timed delivery and lack of wit. Are you a guru type that can’t garner any YouTube disciples? Lay down a background track similar to The Benny Hill Show’s “Yakety Sax,” and you can pass off your incompetent how-to videos as purposeful and hilarious bits. And guess what’s extra cool about AudioSwap – all of its songs are legal and free! So why don’t you join all the thousands of happy, peppy people and start using AudioSwap tomorrow!

There’s my pitch, YouTube. Now where’s my bag of Chairman Luo money? Anyway, if you’re still not convinced that AudioSwap is a tool that will help your YouTube video watchability, then watch some of the top YouTube personalities’ videos and focus on the music in the background – you may have never noticed the aural assault overcompensating for what’s otherwise an amateur and bland talent showcase.

Now, if you’re a sophisticated YouTube content creator that’s long been using AudioSwap for your videos, there’s still good news for you. YouTube announced on their YouTube Creator Blog last Wednesday that they increased their library of songs and now have more than 150,000 tracks for creators to choose from. Don’t expect music from Katy Perry or Drake, however; most of these are tracks that YouTube’s shelled out money for the rights to, and we all know that they’re poor as fuck. Another new item trumpeted by YouTube: AudioSwap now allows you to “mix music into your video’s soundtrack at levels ranging from ‘soft background’ to ‘completely replace.’” Dear [censored], please turn your soundtrack levels to “completely replace.” Lastly, YouTube has redesigned their Audio Editing user interface to make it easier to use. This means that even [censored], who I mentioned above, will be smart enough to know how to use it.

So are you psyched to use the AudioSwap feature but don’t know how? Watch and learn:


What do you think of AudioSwap? And which YouTube user do you think I was writing about above, before I was censored by the YouTube illuminati?

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