Baseballers To Follow On Twitter

Today is opening day for Major League Baseball and already the hums of “Take me out to the ball game” are reverberating throughout the day. Baseball may not come off as exciting as say basketball or hockey, but fans who love baseball love crunching the numbers, rooting for the home team, attempting to catch a foul ball and of course, surfing the social media networks. Real or fictional, baseballers on Twitter have a way of saying stuff in less than 140 characters and here’s some people to follow during this year’s season:

Jose Canseco

This former Oakland Athletics slugger is now known for his use of the “juice” rather than Now Jose Canseco has taken the Lil B route on Twitter where every day is like a mixed bag—you never know what you’re going to get when you follow him. Some of his most recent tweets involve topics like global warming (why?) to telling everyone that he’s clean of steroids. One of his favorite targets on Twitter is his “haters” and once asked his followers to join in getting rid of them. He tweeted, “If you love me I will love you back but haters need to be exterminated now who will help me [sic].” Good God, I really don’t want to be on his bad side.

Kenny Powers

For a minute, if you check out @KF*CKINGP on Twitter—with aphorisms like “If at first you don’t succeed – quit until you give a f*ck again”—you would think that “The People’s Champion” is actually a promotional arm of the HBO show “Eastbound & Down.” However fans may be disappointed that the Twitter handle is not Danny McBride but rather a devoted fan. In fact, McBride told the Vulture website that even though Kenny Powers is a “full-grown man” who won’t touch Twitter, he “is also a man of the people. He doesn’t care if the public feels the need to impersonate him. That just puts him up there with the big dogs like Santa and Elvis. Knowing that it’s a very funny committed fan makes us proud.” Although “Eastbound & Down” is airing its last two episodes ever, I would bet that this Kenny Powers will live on in the Twittersphere.

Brian Wilson

Fear the beard, but don’t fear his Twitter handle (@BrianWilson38). Although he’s not a prolific user like Jose Canseco (he’s only tweeted 112 times and is relatively quiet during the off-season), the facial hair-rich pitcher for the San Francisco Giants with nearly half a million followers brings his eccentricities in less than 140 chracters. If there’s anything more representative of his handle, check out his series “Reasons why LSU beats Bama” praising his alma mater.

Brian Wilson’s Beard

While we’re on the subject of the bearded Twitter eccentric, check out the (fake) Twitter page handled by his beard, who, unlike the rest of his body, tweets with ease. Since he is undeniably attached to Wilson, the beard tweets his every move, acts as the unofficial Giants cheerleader and of course discusses what it does best—grow facial hair. Apparently, according to this attachment “beards don’t sleep. We do, however, get nappy if we are kept unwashed.”