Deadmau5 Releases New Track With Fan On Twitter

It’s funny how with social media, a single tweet or video could potentially change the lives of anyone for the better. Just last week, Canadian house DJ Deadmau5 released one of his latest tracks with independent artists/producer, Chris James. The story of how these guys came together is magical.

Last month, Deadmau5 was live streaming while working on his new track titled “The Veldt” and mentioned that he needed to record vocals to complement the instrumental. One of his fans Chris James decided to sing some instrumentals over the track and tweeted it to Deadmau5. As some of you might know, it’s really hard for a popular figure like Deadmau5 to see all message due to the volume of tweets they receive. The odds are lowered even more when he is constantly getting requests from people to check out their work. However, at the request of his fans, he decided to listen to the track and this was his response to James.

Deadmau5 immediately decided to collaborate with James and got him on the phone to set everything up with him and his manager. Someone actually took the liberty to record this moment on YouTube:

Long story short, check out the finished product. Which Deadmau5 released last week.

Lets put this into perspective. A single tweet got a virtually unknown artist to collaborate and produce a track with of the most recognized house DJ’s in the world- IN A MONTH. I don’t know about you but that is some crazy turn-around time. This shows the power of social media and how artists can potentially utilize this new online mediums to grow their career. Well done Chris!

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