Google+ Upgrades: What To Expect

As Facebook is getting much of the attention these days thanks to its purchase of Instagram and anticipating its debut on the stock exchange, Google+–it’s more subdued rival—has some other plans in mind. In the next few days, Google+ will have a revamp of the interface, which they said on their official blog that it is “easier to use and nicer to look at” and, most importantly, “accelerates our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google.” While change is often good, it is making an attempt to capitalize on its bigger rival by making eerily similar changes. If you can’t beat them, mimic them. Don’t believe me? Just check these out:

Cover Photo

In a blatant steal on Facebook’s “timeline,” you too can enjoy what Facebook users have and post your own cover photo on Google+. Granted your profile picture is larger on the site, but with its plain background, having a cover photo on your page seems to vanilla and I honestly want to know why they would attempt it on their own scale. Perhaps sooner or later Twitter would want something similar, yet having a background photo on the site is good enough. Check out this example below from the Google+ blog—it’s cute yet uninspiring.

Organizational Skills

Not only did Google+ take from the Facebook playbook and add the option of having a cover photo on your page, it also took some of its competitor’s organizational aspects. Like Facebook, the right side of the page lets you find out who’s logged in and you can initiate chat. Oh, and did you know that you can also toggle the buttons to customize how your icons are displayed? The new Google+ interface allows you to drag and drop your apps to organize them however you want and even get rid of them—kind of like what you can do on Facebook.

Although some of the traits on the new Google+ interface are Facebookesque, its unique selling points in the new design is its Hangouts, now with a dedicated page and what Google calls “a rotating billboard” of popular Hangouts.

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