How Can New Media Artists Use Google Drive?

Like its previous endeavors Gmail and Google+, the latest Google project is having a slow rollout. You may ask: What could Google possibly think of next? Well, Google joined the cloud game yesterday by introducing Google Drive, which not only lets you access your files from any computer but has overhauled a few of your favorite Google features. Here’s a rundown of some of the things Google Drive will bring for media artists:

Seamless Storage Space

Google Drive gives you as much storage space as you want for your documents and other files that you want to keep. Now you have the ability to save up to 5 GB for free, a boost from the 1 GB given in Google Docs. If you want more space, Google Drive will give you the option to purchase space for a monthly fee.

Improved Google Docs

The great thing about Google Drive is the instant access to Google Docs from your computer without the need to use a browser. Google Docs is helpful for new media artists to write scripts for your next video or share a master plan to your inner circle. While everyone can comment on your document, Google Drive does not allow for editing. Check the history of changes to your documents.

A Better Gmail and Search Engine

In addition to providing cloud space and improving Google Docs, Google Drive also enhances Gmail by letting you share files from your Google Drive directly to your recipient. With improved search capabilities, it helps new media artists find inspiration for ideas not only by typing a few phrases, but also by document, image and other files.

How does Google Drive compare to other established cloud applications like Apple’s iCloud or Microsoft’s Skydrive? Well for one thing, the price to keep your stuff in a cloud is slightly pricier on Google Drive, with 100 GB extra costing a user $4.99 a month ($59.88 annually) while on Skydrive it only costs $50 a year. However, Google Drive and Skydrive are a value compared to iCloud, which charges $100 annually for up to 50 GB.

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