iPhone Apps We <3: Google Translate

I am often at a loss of words when I try to speak with someone who has little understanding of English. Conversely, if I’m watching something on television that’s in a foreign language without subtitles, I always want to know what they’re talking about. With the advent of Google Translate, deciphering foreign text and finishing your Spanish homework has never been the same. Although it is in no way an accurate translation, Google Translate makes translation between two languages easier than predecessors like Babelfish (and with more variety judging by the more than 60 languages supported).

For all you Google Translate fans, in case you haven’t figured it out, you can get almost the same benefits of the web version through its iPhone app. Here’s the lowdown:

What we like about it: Google Translate for the iPhone has a wide variety of language choices and works almost seamlessly in getting a quick meaning to a word or phrase in more than 60 languages. Like the web version, some languages have voice activation where you say a word in your language and have instant feedback in another language. You also have the option to hear the translated words when finished.

What could be better: The translations could be improved with allowing for different meaning choices as given on the web format. In addition, they could use voice translations of different dialects of Chinese (especially Cantonese) and more language choices.

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