Maker Studios Signs YouTube Musician Mike Tompkins

YouTube and television media company, Maker Studios recently added another member to their already impressive roster of YouTube stars. Late last week, Maker Studios announced that YouTube singer and songwriter, Mike Tompkins will now be represented by the studio. With his unique blend of vocals over beat box tracks, Tompkins has become a YouTube sensation with close to 79 million videos views on his channel alone.

Maker Studios currently represents artists like KassemG, Nice Peter and TimothyDeLaGuetto, who all feature some form of music in their videos. However, Tompkins will be the first artist under the Maker Studios roof solely dedicated to music. CEO and co-founder of Maker Studios explained the decision to bring on a musical act and what it means for the young singer, “Everything that Maker has done for our partners, leveraging our unique offering of development, production, promotion, distribution, sales, and marketing services can now be expanded to music. Mike’s approach to music is cutting-edge and we’re thrilled to partner with such a talented artist.”

With YouTube musicians and singers gaining enormous popularity over the past few years, mainstream media is recognizing this new form of talent. Tompkins has already been featured on Ellen, which lead to him working with mega producer, Timbaland on his “Shock Value 3” project. Last week Tompkins also released a new song for the upcoming documentary film, Bully called “Stand Up”.

Tompkins ability to craft unique performance even when doing a cover song is not the only reason he has become such a sensation. As evident on his YouTube channel, Tompkins values his fans and following above all. With behind the scenes footage and entire videos dedicated to answering fan questions, Tompkins understand the importance of giving back to the community that has made him a success.

As a future with Maker Studios sits before him, Tompkins seems confident in the studios ability to represent him. “Music innovation is more alive than ever with the help of the Maker Music Network. The collaboration of music and technology have created a user-friendly world to connect fans with their favorite established musicians and now up-and-coming artists,” said Tompkins. YouTube artists will only continue to grow in popularity and Tompkins feels that Maker Studios will be there to steer artists in the right direction, “Right now we’re seeing the advent of the music video on YouTube and Maker is giving musical artists the chance to bring their ideas to life.”

You can check out the video for Stand Up performed by Tompkins from the Bully soundtrack below.

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