Smosh Talks With Us About Shut Up! Cartoons

On April 30th, prepare to have your retinas assaulted by pure animated awesomeness. The guys over at Smosh are premiering the first episode from their new YouTube channel, Shut Up! Cartoons, on Monday. We caught up with Anthony from Smosh, who gave us an inside look at what to expect from Shut Up! Cartoons

“We have 18 animated series planned for Shut Up! Cartoons, each 10 episodes long. We’re launching with three series in the first week, and soon after, there will be five series, each airing a new episode every single weekday. “

Do’s & Don’ts will be the first show to air on Shut Up! Cartoons followed by Pubertina and the Robot Chicken inspired Zombies vs. Ninjas. “We gathered some really amazing and talented animators to create series they have been dying to make for a long time,” Anthony told me when talking about who was working on each series.

Anthony also filled us in on plans for a new series based on a live action skit Smosh created a few years ago.

 “We are also having one series created based off a character in one of our live-action sketches. “Teleporting Fat Guy” will reveal how Robbie (the teleporting fat guy) got his powers to teleport when he was a younger kid.”

You can check out that live skit here.

Stay tuned for more information on future shows that will be airing on Shut Up! Cartoons. In the mean time enjoy some exclusive photos from episode one of Do’s & Don’ts, Pubertina and Zombies vs. Ninja.


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