Twitterers React To Instagram + Facebook

We’ve already talked about the track record that Facebook has with companies like Instagram, but what do people think about the deal? The social media reviews are in for Facebook’s purchase of the beloved photo-sharing app Instagram and it doesn’t look promising. Many have taken to Twitter and other networks to express displeasure at the $1 billion acquisition. Although Facebook insists that it would be “building and growing Instagram independently,” here’s some speculation as to why people aren’t happy:

Instagram Was A Special Place

For many, Instagram’s simplicity was a key sticking point for many to download the app. The retro feel of the myriad of filters made it all to appealing for its users, including myself. It was the hip thing to take pictures, filter them and upload them for friends to gaze upon. Now with Facebook getting involved, some are lamenting that the simplicity may be ruined by more complexity—Facebook has so many applications in its helm. User @Irespectfemales tweeted for things to remain the same, “Dear Facebook…PLEASE…I mean, seriously…PLEASE…don’t ruin Instagram. It’s fine just the way it is. It’s unique. Don’t change it.”



Facebook’s Bad Rap

Nothing was more revolting to the users who complained about Facebook purchasing Instagram was the fact that Facebook was part of the deal in the first place. Although nearly a billion people use Facebook, its bad rap for openness, making privacy difficult and having an awful smartphone app has people riled up. One tweeter named Helen Lewis responded to the purchase, “Facebook buying Instagram? Oh GOD. Are they determined to buy everything I like and ruin it? (That said, they can have my parents for $1bn).” Another used this oft-used analogy of cookie-cutter mansions, “Facebook buying Instagram means “the neighborhood just got demolished and is being paved over with McMansions.” While Zuckerberg claims he won’t touch Instagram, we can’t really hold much hope on that part.


Instagram Selling Out

Want to turn off a number of your fans? Sell out for a cool billion. The fact that Instagram sold itself out was good reason for users to threaten to jump ship from the popular app. User @EAJosh lamented, “I liked Instagram before they sold out.” Another user said that the business model of starting up a company and waiting to get bought out needed to be changed. He tweeted, “The web needs a better business model than Bake a Beautiful Cake from Scratch and Then Feed It to Godzilla.”



How do you feel about Facebook’s purchase of Instagram? If you’re angry, what are your reasons why? Let us know in the comments box.

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