Web Series Review: Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe

Here’s something interesting to ponder. What do you get when a smooth-voiced Frenchman named Robert (emphasis on the accent) sings love songs and his roommate walks in and is freaked out by him singing in his birthday suit? It’s an awkward moment.

The less-than-a-minute clip of a naked singing Frenchman is one of many skits that are part of Orange County comedian Evan Cassidy’s comedy web series “Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe.” Other characters by Cassidy in this ensemble include the excessively shy Barry, sissy belittling, alien child support-paying personal trainer Fred McCoy. Comedienne Alexa Green is also a tribe member.

In addition to skits featuring the trio of personalities, Cassidy’s “Dudely Jones” series also makes forays into comedy music videos. One of his music videos, “Where My Gingers At?”, is a send-up of piano-infused rap music, with lyrics like, “I thought if I could get a tan, things would get better/But I just got more freckles and my hair just got redder.”

Cassidy said that his “Dudely Jones” series has a strong focus on production value, and he works with some prominent individuals in the entertainment industry.

“We’ve been able to work with some of the best cinematographers around, including Two For Flinching Pictures (Cali Swag District, Jamie Kennedy) and filmmaker/comedian Anthony Browning,” he tells NMR. “We record our songs at ReAmp Recording Studios (Anaheim) with producer Daniel Martin (AKA D-Money from “Nyyyquil”).”

Some future projects for Cassidy and his group include more webisodes and a short film, a podcast, a new single, and expanding membership into his Comedy Tribe.

“Tribal passports and citizenship will soon be available for all,” he said. “It won’t even cost that much money!”