Web Series Review: Job Hunters Episode One

The problem that many Web series initially run into is a lack of planning. Debut episodes in particular, often suffer from poor editing, a rushed schedule and a lack of funding. Job Hunters, however, avoids almost all of the aforementioned pitfalls. Episode one of this independent Web series is the product of-what seems like- meticulous planning and near mainstream film production quality. Many Web series tend to impress with a strong story or witty banter, yet lack a strong sense of actual production values. Job Hunters shines in its ability to provide high quality storytelling with a strong visual atheistic.

Episode one of Job Hunters is on every level, meant to act as the groundwork for the rest of the series. Characters are established and the basic layout for the series is briefly outlined. Job Hunters takes place in a dystopian future in which college graduates must fight to the death for job placement by the omnipresent MAEWIN corporation. The first episode of Job Hunters does not establish why people are subjected to this brutal contest, all we know for now, is that they seem to have accepted it with a grim resolution.

Most of this episode pushes to build characters, which for the most part, it succeeds at. We are introduced to the kind medic, the self-absorbed pop star, the remorseless maniac and the resourceful underdog, all in the first episode. Though the characters are clearly established, many of their personalities come off as too extreme and end up becoming caricatures. It’s obvious that the cold-hearted killer is a maniac because he has no problem killing people. We don’t need to see him playing super violent video games to further prove that he is a seasoned maniac. That being said, there are moments in this episode that capture the personalities of each character without forced dialogue or needless exposition. As each member of the tournament unpacks for the first time, we are shown windows of their private lives before they joined this contest. These are the scenes that set Job Hunters apart from your standard Web series and prove that there is subtly in this script.

The first episode of Job Hunters is an impressive addition to the Web series community. When Web shows often focus on gags and sketches, Job Hunters takes a completely unique approach to what can be achieved in this medium. With a unique storyline and polished production, this is a series to keep an eye on.

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