Web Series Review: Synch Episode Two

In the event that you watched episode one of Corridor Digital’s Web series, Synch and now expect to find equal amounts of violence from episode two, you may be disappointed. The second installment of Synch is, without a doubt, meant to establish the audience’s connection with Charlie, Synch’s main character. While episode one shed buckets of blood in order to inaugurate Charlie as a badass, episode two turns the intensity way down to connect us with him emotionally. Without a multi-dimensional character to latch onto as viewers, we will never care whether our heroes live or dies. Luckily this episode is dedicated to giving us reasons why we should care about the fate of this body-swapping mercenary.

Episode two of Synch follows Charlie as he struggles to have a normal evening at home with his girlfriend. Though that may not seem like the most thrilling concept in the world, the entire episode is centered on the body switching abilities of Charlie. The sequence in which our main character must alternate between the suit wearing and blood soaked “models” of his body, created a wonderful sense of tension. It speaks to the level of story development crafted by Corridor Digital when just watching a guy locked in a bathroom can create anticipation on par with most action sequences.

While episode one of Synch set aside answering any questions in place of headshots and evisceration, episode two also does little in terms of unraveling the mystery behind this Web series. If anything, this episode only provides more fuel to the fire that is the bizarre double life of the show’s protagonist. Due to the fact that these are short episodes, establishing a believable theme of mystery over two or three episodes can be expected.

The episode stumbled a bit, as Charlie and his girlfriend fought over the circumstances that force him to always be late or disappear for weeks on end. At one point in the episode Charlie’s girlfriend brings up the fact that he once disappeared for two weeks and now wants to know where he was. This is a couple who is ready to get married, yet she is just now realizing that her boyfriend missing for weeks seems a little odd. Then, when he explains that it was because of his work as a notary, the subject is just dropped. When working within in this genre, characters relationships must seem believable in juxtapose to the Sci-Fi elements of a story.

Overall, episode two of Synch acts as a building block for the incredible story that Corridor Digital hopes to tell. Though this episode is slow on action and heavy on dialogue, it can be easily seen as the calm before the storm. If the rest of the series continues to unfold with this formula, bloody Sci-Fi mayhem is just around the corner.

You can check out episode two of Synch here. What did you think of this episode? Let us know below.

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