Why We Are Obsessed With Celebrities on Twitter

Drop whatever you are doing at this very moment, sit down and hold onto your hats, because I am about to explode them right off your heads. Rapper Niki Minaj, who is responsible for such tweets as, “No barbz…like seriously…it felt sooooooooo good!!!!!” has deleted her Twitter account as of April 16th. Please take a moment to absorb this information…. If you have collapsed and or have lost the will to live, please contact the proper authorities before reading any further.

This of course is old news as many media sources such as, NME.com, MTV.com, BET.com, NyDailyNews.com, RollingStone.com and UsMagazine.com immediately jumped on the story, instead of shelving it in the ‘who gives a shit’ and ‘this is news?’ filing cabinet. Turns out, it is news. In fact, so much so people have begun making completely non-crazy person YouTube videos about it.

Stunning stuff, I think the Pulitzer Prize committee may need to rethink that editorial snub this year. As is evident by the results from a Google search of “Niki Minaj Quits Twitter,” we are obsessed with celebrities on Twitter. Why is it that I mention MC Hammer in almost every article I write, in hopes that he will start following me on Twitter? As a social media generation what is it about celebrity Twitter accounts that we find so interesting?

We Feel Like We Know Them

On some level, we feel as if celebrities have shown us the most personal aspects of their lives. Celebrity magazines are plastered with divorce scandals and pregnancy scares almost every week. As a society sometimes we feel as if we know celebrities better than our own friends and family. We cheer for Kobe when he sinks a shot and hiss at the Kardashians for, well, being terrible humans. Twitter is just another outlet for us to get to know celebrities and the inner workings of their famous brains.

We Want To Belong To Something Bigger Than Us

Every person wants to leave their mark on the world before they die. Why do you think people draw wildly inaccurate pictures of men’s genitalia in bathroom stalls? Sure, it’s hilarious, but on a deeper emotional level those confused young men and women want to feel like they have created something that will exist long after they die. Following celebrities, to many people, feels like something that is larger than just us. By belonging to a community of celebrity worshippers we feel as if our fandom will be collectively remembered in the future.

Twitter Is The Perfect Place For Celebrities To Go Crazy

In the dark ages before Twitter, we had to wait until Tom Cruise went on Oprah before losing his marbles. Now, Twitter allows celebrities to indulge every completely insane whim. This week on Twitter has seen Jose Canseco go bat shit crazy and driven Niki Minaj to no longer dish our troves of wisdom on the micro blogging site. The only thing more entertaining than a celebrity Twitter melt down, is a monkey roller skating knife fight, and those have been banned from the NMR office after our interview with PETA.

The Alternative Is The Worst

Who else would we follow on Twitter besides celebrities, our friends and family? Get real. Go ahead and compare these celebrity tweets with tweets from regular, non-famous people, ugh.


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