WTF Is Pixable?!

Websites like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are all the proof needed to finally declare the Internet as a completely photo driven destination. With so many photo-sharing sites available currently, the constant flood of infographics, memes and photos is unstoppable. Navigating this ocean of images may seem like an impossible task, however, Pixable is here to help.

Founded in 2009, Pixable is the photo equivalent of the streaming music site Pandora. Recognizing the need for photo sorting and compilation, Pixable offers users the ability to collect and tailor any photos they want from a variety of social media sites. Featured as one of the most cutting edge apps at this year’s SXSW, here is why Pixable is an app worth downloading.

Pixable Is Built For You

Similar to Pandora, Pixable will update your photo stream with images that the application believes you will enjoy, based on likes, shares and comments left on previous photos. Pixable calls this technology a “Wonder Rank” and is the strongest feature of the app. Instead of sorting through different Tumblr or Instagram profiles to find content you’ll like, Pixable takes the all the guess work out for you.


Pixable Is Built For Discovery

With custom feeds like “Best Photos of The Day” and “New Profile Pics,” Pixable arranges images into specific categories for easier browsing. There is no better boredom killer on the market right now than Pixable. Each feed encourages users to find new images that may appeal to their tastes. If you are tired of endless photos of cupcakes and wedding dresses on Pinterest, Pixable’s custom feeds will lead you in a better direction.

Pixable Keeps You Updated

Using the Pixable application will condense most social media applications into one package. Taking your information from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram, Pixable populates your account with all the updates from any photo sharing service you are registered with. Instead of firing up the Facebook app then Instagram, then Twitter, Pixable allows you to check out all of your friends new photos in one place.

Pixable Is By Independent Developers

The best part about Pixable is the small team and independent spirit that this application was built around. The founders of Pixable are four regular guys with degrees from small local colleges like Cambridge, MIT, and Columbia. Okay, so they might be super geniuses but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that they named their application after an honorary title given to the most photogenic Miss America contestants in the 60’s. Pixable represents everything that is great about the independent new media community.