5 ways to spend one hour of social media silence

Free time, remember that? From summer camp or elementary school recess? In the golden days of your childhood you were given an hour or so to do whatever you wanted. Perhaps the reason that this idea of free time is a thing of the past is because every potentially free second we have is filled with social media.

In a world where our reality has become what we post to Facebook and our primary means of correspondence has changed from face-to-face communication to writing on each others’ Facebook walls, it is no wonder that when we do have free time, we spend it immersed in the alternate universe that is social media. We seem to think that our free time is somehow disappearing and we are powerless to get it back, but in reality we are giving it away willingly.

Here is what I am suggesting: RECLAIM one hour of your day and spend it social media free. Spend it doing the things you just never seem to have time for. No offense social media junkies, but updating your status and commenting on your friend’s photos is not going to be the answer. We all know you seem to have plenty of time for that.

“I need to workout, but I just don’t have the time”- Me (When I see my 24 Hour Fitness bill)

Spend one hour exercising, just you and your walkman…I mean iPod. Hit the gym, take a group class, go for a run. Clear your mind and do something good for yourself.

“I used to read all the time, but now I just don’t have time “- Me (every time I walk by a Barnes & Noble)

Spend that hour reading for recreation. I used to consume novels like the entire print industry was in  a downward spiral (maybe I was onto something). Now with all the other things I have going on like…updating my status, finding new people to lurk on Instagram and a whole lot of other non-essential things I do with my day, I just cannot seem to find the time.Dedicating one hour to abstaining from social media could help you start or revive a recreational reading habit.

“I wish I had time to nap” – Me (on rainy days)

Spend that hour taking a nap. Do it. All those 10-minute increments of time you spend checking in on your Facebook, twitter and Instagram could add up to a solid hour of midday sleep you could be getting. Put down the phone, set an alarm and use your free hour to rest.

“I’m sorry I haven’t called you, I’ve been so busy lately”-Me (last time I saw a good friend)

Spend that hour investing in a friendship. Call a friend or have a coffee date to catch up. Have a real conversation. Kick it old school by actually hearing the other person’s voice. Keeping in contact with friends through social media is great, but not even Skype can replace face-to-face interaction with someone you care about.