Are Trendy Video Sharing Apps Competition for YouTube?

Video sharing apps are all the rage, and that’s not an overstatement. The two most popular video sharing apps are Socialcam and Viddy, followed in no particular order by Mobli, Color, and Klip. These apps allow you to upload videos taken from your phone to the apps’ respective communities, or your Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr; but not before you’ve had the chance to add music, text, filters, and other effects to your video. Fittingly, these video apps have been widely heralded as the “Instagram for video,” as well as being incredulously posited as YouTube killers and the beginning of Web 3.0.


Since launching 14 months ago,’s Socialcam has amassed 36 million users, and Viddy, which launched 1 year ago, is in second place with 26 million users. The two popular video apps have been battling for top position on Apple’s top downloaded apps charts, and have already eclipsed trendy and recently acquired apps Instagram and Draw Something as top downloaded in the past 2 weeks.

Why are video sharing apps so popular? For one, advanced smartphone technology in more people’s hands means more individuals with the ability to instantly record high-definition videos wherever they are. Rapidly advancing phone technology combined with ubiquity, along with these video sharing apps means that you have a trend that’s a real run for YouTube’s money. Flurry, a mobile analytics company, found that photo and video apps’ download rate increased 89% between October 2011 and March 2012. Over the course of 2011, the average time spent on online video sites (YouTube) increased 71% while time spent on video sharing apps increased by 141%. But that’s not all – over the course of 2012 thus far, time spent on online video sites decreased 10%, while time spent on video sharing apps increased by 52%.


Are Socialcam and Viddy going to become YouTube’s equal? Not anytime soon since YouTube’s search engine is second only to Google’s. But with advanced smart phone technology in more people’s hands and providers pushing faster wireless connections, people are increasingly turning to apps for their gaming, browsing, photographing, directional, dining, shopping, and informational needs. While being nowhere near obsolete, one can at least envision a day when people won’t need to touch a desktop computer – they have something far more convenient in their pockets.

Online video content creators might want to think about branching out into video sharing apps to gain an early presence in a technology that is sure to stick around and to supplement their robust content creator brand. Video sharing apps’ forte are their instant nature – no webcam or professional video recorder needed. See something shareable or interesting during the course of a day, and you’re able to whip out your phone to not only record, but to also upload right then and there. Keep in mind that Viddy has a video length limit of 15 seconds while Socialcam has no limit. Also, Socialcam is more community and interaction oriented and is quicker, while Viddy attempts to produce higher quality video content with more effects and options.


What do you think of video sharing apps?

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