Bing Adds Social Media Face To Its Search Engine

In the ever increasing fight to stay relevant, Microsoft’s Bing search engine is making headway in attracting social media users.

As part of its revamp, starting this week, Bing will input more searches based on your social media following and unlike giant rival Google, will include the option to get your Facebook friends’ direct input when looking out for something as opposed to the current mold of “personal results” when finding keywords.

In a blog post released last week, the Bing team stated the option of getting your friends help in searches. It stated, “You can ‘tag’ friends Bing suggests might know about the topic.”

With the new interface, Bing adds a column featuring your social media connections on sites like Facebook with their recommendations and can be shared amongst friends profile pages. For instance, if one is looking for hotel recommendations in Portland, it lists friends who have made visits or lives in the city.

How does it impact the new media community? With the anticipated rollout of Bing’s new features, the search engine has become even personal. The promotional video, narrated by Microsoft’s Derrick Connell, describes the problem with the current search engine.

“A generation ago, when I was looking for something, I relied on people to find the information I needed,” he said in the video. “When the Internet and search engines came along, that experience has changed by typing keywords and finding relevant web pages and in the process something was lost.”

With the new social media feature for Bing, he said a better search engine “combines the best of the web with the people you know” to make them relevant to you.