CitizenTube Brings The Best Of Top News Stories

Want to know how many news organizations and citizen journalists are covering one event without looking at every channel?

With the increased numbers of news groups and impromptu reporters covering world-changing events such as the Arab Spring, the United States presidential election and the Syrian uprising, it’s no wonder that CitizenTube acts as the one-stop shop for aggregated news, political and social content on YouTube.

CitizenTube's current top news playlists.

CitizenTube is partnered with Storyful to find, create and curate content from all walks of the Web in order to get a more balanced approach for news. While the channel does not make its own original content like other news organizations, it does find the best video reporting on the web and makes them into playlists.

“Each week we post a weekly recap of the top news stories of the week, as seen through the lens of both citizen-reported footage and professional news coverage,” said YouTube on its official blog.

Among other things listed on its blog post about CitizenTube, some of the events they have covered in the last week included student protests in Quebec, aggressive television ads from President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and the passing of Bee Gees member Robin Gibb.

Videos presenting a major news story aren’t limited to just the big news organizations like the BBC or CNN. For instance, on its coverage of Space X rocket docking into the International Space Station, you can check out videos from NASA’s official Kennedy Space Center YouTube channel and from other channels dedicated to space news.  This collaboration from relevant sources creates the big picture on this groundbreaking story.

While advances in technology make great coverage on CitizenTube, it’s news and politics that are the bread and butter for this channel. The playlist about the recent massacre in Houla, Syria gathered video from Al-Jazeera, ABC News and alleged witnesses in that town.

Since the channel launched in 2006, it has received nearly 7 million views and over 126,000 subscribers. On the heels of CitizenTube, YouTube entered its second partnership with Storyful with help from WITNESS by launching its Human Rights Channel aimed at becoming a “platform for education and action on issues around the world.”

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