Facebook Lets You Share Files–If You Dare

For new media artists and regular users alike, Facebook is slowly becoming a one-stop shop for everything social media.

Now, for groups in the meantime, you can share files between members through a new Facebook feature that is slightly similar to file-sharing portals like Google Drive (previously Google Docs) and Dropbox. Here are two major features of the new file-sharing initiative by Facebook:




Upload Anything and Everthing (But Music and .EXE)

In a way, the new Facebook file-sharing option lets users upload or create files up to 25 MB, with the only exceptions to the rule are music files and executable files. This means that your latest demo tape for your band will have to find a different home if you need some much-needed input.

You’re On Your Own With Security

What makes Facebook’s file-sharing option stand out from the rest is its lack of security. If you’ve uploaded a file that may be outside the copyright realm, the Facebook police won’t bother to find you. Worse, it gives a false sense of security because anyone can join a group provided they get a friend’s permission. This could open up to malicious internet users who could potentially create and distribute a file that may have a virus or malware. Certainly, the lack of security when using the file-sharing option is a serious drawback for anyone looking for an alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive.

If the privacy warnings from the experts have not scared you away from using this new feature, here’s how to get started:

1)      Open up the page of your group.

2)      Find and click the “Files” tab.

3)      If you’re looking to read a file, click on the desired link below docs and files. If you’re looking to upload a file (as long as it’s not a music file or an executable file), click the + button and choose between creating a doc or uploading a file.

4)      If you’re looking to create a doc, it’s similar to typing up a blog post on Flickr or WordPress.

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