Give Me A Social Media Break

Advertisers have finally found a solution to “social media stress”: Kit-Kats.

Just kidding, although a firm that works with Kit-Kat in Singapore is trying to do to tackle the unfortunate problem of “social media stress,” which, if you’ve ever used Facebook or Twitter on a regular basis, you know is all too real.

Their solution to the problem is to download an app that “spares you the pressures of hitting the Like, Re-tweet or Share button every time you are tagged in a post.”

How do you do that? The website states to “simply turn on the widget, log into your social media accounts and tune out from the stress of social networking whenever you feel you need a break.” Lydia Daly, planning director for the advertising agency JWT, said to Reuters that young people needed “breaks” from social media postings because they have so many responsibilities to fulfill, which leads to a “vicious circle.”

Whether or not an advertising agency has the merits to suggest that young people need to take breaks from the social media grind is not the issue. It’s a recent survey of young people from the United States, China and Singapore who use social media on a regular basis that seems to inspire the “Social Media Break” app.

The results state that more than half of young people in the countries surveyed said keeping themselves connected to social media has stressed them out.

So if you’d like a computer automating your social media updates, you can download the from the Kit-Kat Singapore website here.

[Source: Reuters]