Google Hangouts on Air is Now Live for Everyone

Google announced today that Hangouts on Air, their Google+ livestreaming feature, is now available to everyone. Previously, Hangouts on Air was an exclusive feature for pre-approved users, which means mostly celebrities, bigwigs, and one President of the United States Barack Obama. But now, however, Hangouts on Air is officially available for all the little people in some 40 countries too, and can be used by anyone with a Google+ account to stream live content for an unlimited audience to their Google+ stream, website, or YouTube channel.

Yes, YouTube content creators, this means that you can now hold live shows for your viewers through YouTube and track the number of watchers, as well as have the ability to post recorded past live shows to your channel as added video content fodder. One thing, however: your YouTube account must not have incurred any strikes in its history, which means your YouTube channel can only use this feature if you haven’t been flagged by YouTube for any content violations.

Otherwise, you’re now blessed with a tool that can make your audience feel closer to you and also to each other. A myriad of possibilities have opened up for YouTube creators: do a live Q&A, give a live concert or performance, get instant feedback from your biggest fans, hold a séance for Mr. Whiskers. All of these and more can be used to build your audience loyalty and increase the feeling of community between your more passionate viewers, as well as introduce yourself to new viewers who may not have known about you if they weren’t only looking to watch live content.

Watch this video to get started:


What do you think of this new feature?