How To Improve Engagement on Your Facebook Brand Page

Have a fan or brand page on Facebook but not getting the engagement you were wishing for? Well, tough luck because your brand probably sucks, is what an unhelpful jerk would say, but luckily for you I’m not totally unhelpful. Read on for insightful advice from the folks at Facebook (sorta), and then Wildfire Interactive (very).

First, Facebook conducted an internal study to find out which page topics generated the most engagement. Hold on to your hats because their groundbreaking conclusion was: “speaking about subjects related to your brand is the best way to generate engagement.” Yup, that’s the Zuckerberg-sized payoff. Good night, folks, see you tomorrow.

Actually, there’s a little more to the story. Facebook came to their conclusion after their team of crack researchers examined a month’s worth of posts across 23 brands in 6 industries and categorized the posts into 3 types of content. These are the 3 types:

What they found was that the second type, topics related to brand, were the end-all be-all predictor of all types of engagement.  And their list of drivers of each type of engagement:

Let’s move on. There’s a brand new white paper out from Wildfire Interactive and EdgeRank Checker that singles out 3 keys to improving Facebook reach and engagement for any brand. For their study, they analyzed around 1 million posts over 60 thousand pages. Let’s talk about what they concluded were the most engaging types of contents first–out of photos, status updates, videos, and links–before we get to their 3 keys.

Wildfire and Edgerank found that the most engaging type of content was photos. And by far. Interaction rates for photos are over 7x higher than the next most engaging content type. Photos are the most engaging type of content simply because they’re easy and instant with no thinking required. This means that you should be posting photos to engage your users because they are all truly, incredibly lazy.

The second most engaging type of content was status messages, which work like pictures because they’re instantaneous, and users can know whether they will engage right from the get-go. Time is of the essence – asking users to spend time making decisions on whether to engage by clicking, watching, or following URL’s is risky. However, there’s something to take note of here – for well-known actors, singers, and musicians, status messages are the number one most engaging type of content. Wildfire’s hypothesis for this is that “Status updates are novel and intriguing to an audience that is used to visually connecting [only] with a performer or entertainer.”

Finally, because you’ve slogged through to this point, here are Wildfire’s 3 keys to engaging Facebook users on your brand/fan page:


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